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ASMR Research Awards

ASMR offers two Research Awards annually. These awards support a postraduate student member of the ASMR nearing completion of their studies or a recently graduated ( 3 years maximum) postdoctoral member to undertake a short period of research in a laboratory outside of Australia ($5,000) or in a distal laboratory ($2,000) within Australia. The award specificlly excludes support for conference attendance and travel for an extended period of postdoctoral studies. Applicants for these awards must have been members of the ASMR for at least 12 months immediately preceding the year in which the Award application is to be considered.
Further Information

Prostate Cancer Researchers
If you are considering utilizing human prostate tissue, blood products or tissue microarrays from early stage disease in your research studies, consult the Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource (APCB) website ( for tissue costs.
If you would like to discuss your tissue needs, please contact the project manager or Chairman Professor Judith Clements
Associate Professor David Horsfall
Project Manager
Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource