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ASMR Research Fund

You can help build strength in Australia's Health and Medical Research Sector

The Australian Society for Medical Research is the peak body representing and supporting Australian Health and Medical Researchers. Supporting and encouraging early career researchers is an essential element in building and maintaining the Health and Medical Research sector in Australia. In order to facilitate and promote learning and collaboration in early career researchers, the ASMR offers two Research Awards each year, enabling early career researchers to travel to another laboratory either within Australia (Domestic Research Award) or overseas (International Research Award) to learn new techniques and establish research collaborations.

These ASMR Research Awards are made possible by the generosity of ASMR members who make donations to the ASMR Research Fund. The ASMR Research Fund was established by ASMR with the sole purpose of providing research awards to ASMR members, in particular early career members. Without the continued generosity of ASMR members, the ASMR would not be able to continue to build strength and expertise in Australian Health and Medical Researchers, via its support of early career researchers with the ASMR Research Awards.  

If you would like to make a contribution to the ASMR Research Fund, and support the development of Australian Health and Medical Researchers, please click below. (note all donations to the ASMR Research Fund are tax deductible).

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ASMR Research Awards

ASMR offers two Research Awards annually. These awards support a postraduate student member of the ASMR nearing completion of their studies or a recently graduated ( 3 years maximum) postdoctoral member to undertake a short period of research in a laboratory outside of Australia ($5,000) or in a distal laboratory ($2,000) within Australia. The award specificlly excludes support for conference attendance and travel for an extended period of postdoctoral studies. Applicants for these awards must have been members of the ASMR for at least 12 months immediately preceding the year in which the Award application is to be considered.
Application Deadline September 30, 2016
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Previous Winners

Dr Kimberley Wang Choon Wen


Mr Sivaraman Purushothuman

2014 Miss Stephanie Tan - International Award
2014 Dr Melissa Cantley - Domestic Award
2013 Dr Xiaowei Wang - International Award
2013 Ms Hannah Yong - Domestic Award
2012 Miss Emma Ramsay - International Award
2012 MIss Kimberley Wang - Domestic Award
2011 Dr Alex Umbers - International Award
2011 Miss Shervi Lie - Domestic Award
2010 Dr Ivan ka Ho Poon - International Award
2010 Dr Justin Lees - Domestic Award
2009 Dr Siobhan Shabrun - International Award
2009 Dr Daniel Johnstone - Domestic Award
2008 Dr Louise Dunn - International Award
2008 Mr Abidali Mohamedali - Domestic Award
2007 Di Yu - International Award
2007 Adele Lehane - Domestic Award
2006 Ms Elke Hacker - International Award
2006 Ms Elissa Sutcliffe - Domestic Award Winner
2005 Dr Gabrielle Todd
2004 Dr Richard Allen
2003 Ms Mary Kavurma
2002 Ms Vanessa Murphy
2001 Dr Patrica Mote
2000 Miss Raelene Lim