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January 2017 ASMR Pre-Budget Submission
August 2016 NHMRC Structural Review Submission
June 2016 ARC Engagement-Impact Submission
June 2016 MRFF call for submission response
February 2016

R&D Tax Incentive Review

February 2016 ASMR Pre-Budget Submission
September 2015 Research Training Review
July 2015 Inquiry into the MRFF Bill
June 2015 NHMRC Fellowship Schemes
February 2015 iMRI Discussion Paper
February 2015 Pre-Budget Submission
April 14 2014 Submission on the harmful use of alcohol in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
January 2014 Pre-Budget Submission
November 2013 Report and Recommendations of the ASMR Indigenous Health Forum 2012 "Better Health Outcomes for Mums and Bubs"
February 2013 Comment on the NSW Biobanking Consultation Paper
January 2013 Pre-Budget Submission
October 2012

ASMR Response to the McKeon Review Consultation Paper

October 2012 Submission the Chubb Review on Innovation
March 2012 ASMR Submission to the McKeon Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia
March 2012 ASMR led
Health and Medical Research Sector Submission to the McKeon Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia
January 2012 Pre-Budget Submission 2012
September 2011 NSW HMRSR - Comments on Discussion Paper
September 2011 NSW HMRSR Issues Paper - Submission
July 2011 Input to TOR for Review of HMR Sector
January 2011 Pre-Budget Submission 2011
August 2010 DIISR Research Workforce Strategy Submission
January 2010 Submission to the HSC on Economics
January 2010 Pre-Budget Submission 2010
August 2009 NHMRC Strategic Plan Consultation Paper
August 2009 OSMR NSW Governance of Medical Research Institutes Consultation
August 2009 NHMRC Partnership Centres of Research Excellence II
June 2009 Consultation Paper on NHMRC Research Fellowship Scheme
April 2009 NEAF (National Ethics Application Form) Evaluation
January 2009 Pre-Budget Submission
October 2008 NHMRC Partnership Centres of Research Excellence
October 2008 Comment on Direction Paper, Pharmaceuticals Industry Strategy Group
August 2008

Inquiry into the effects of Climate Change on Training and Employment Needs - Health and Medical Research Perspective

April 2008 Innovation Submission
April 2008 2020 Summit Submissions
December 2007 2008 Pre-Budget Submission
May 2007 Draft ethical guidelines on the use of ART in Clinical Practice and Research, revised 2007
November 2006 Pre-Budget Submission
October 2006 Legislative responses to recommendations of the Lockhart review
July 2006 Productivity Commission Science and Innovation Study
May 2006 Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research
April 2006 NHMRC Amendment Bill 2006
November 2005 Pre-Budget Submission November 2005 Accelerating Discovery and
Capturing the Returns
November 2005 Submission to the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and
Transport Committeeregarding the Animal Welfare Bill 2005
August 2005 Response to the Investment Review of Health & Medical Research
(ASMR, AAMRI, Research Australia)
August 2005 Legislation Review of Australia’s Prohibition of Human Cloning Act 2002 and Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002
July 2005 (NSW) Review of the Animal Research Act – Regulation 1985
July 2005 Review of the Gene Technology Act 2002
June 2005 DEST Science Skills Audit
March 2005 Comments on the Revision of the Joint NHMRC/AVCC Statement and Guidelines on Research Practice Consultation Draft #1 paper (December 2004)
February 2005 Advisory Council on Intellectual Property's Experimental Options
January 2005 NHMRC Prevention Working Group
February 2004 SA Health and Medical Research Strategy
October 2003 2004-2005 Pre-Budget Submission to the Department of the Treasury
September 2003 Submission to Gene Technology Regulations
September 2003 NSW Medical & Health Research Review Panel, R & D Policy Branch
August 2003 Submission to the NSW Standing Committee on State Development (NSW)
September 2002 Gene Technology Regulator Guidelines for Certification of Facilities/Physical Containment Requirements
August 2002 Nominations to National Research Priorities
July 2002 OGTR Review
June 2002 National Research Priorities
March 2002 Protection of Human Genetic Information Issues Paper
March 2002 Human Stem Cells Research
October 2001 Human Reproductive Cloning and the Trans-Species Fertilisation Bills NSW
August 2001 External Review of the Child Health Research Institute
May 2001 Inquiry into matters arising from the Post Mortem and Anatomical Examination Practices of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (NSW)
May 2001 Review of the NSW Cancer Council Act
August 1999 ASMR Submission to the NSW Animal Research Act Review
April 1998 ASMR Submission to the Health and Medical Research Strategic Review
February1998 ASMR Submission on a National Strategy for an Ageing Australia
August 1996 ASMR Submission to the review of ABC role and functions