Invest INVEST 3% OF TOTAL HEALTH EXPENDITURE Australia’s current investment into health and medical research through the NHMRC and MRFF equates to 0.7% of total health expenditure.

ASMR’s recommendation is to lift this investment to 3% of total health expenditure.
Peer PROTECT INTEGRITY OF PEER REVIEW FOR RESEARCH FUNDING All decisions to award public funds to research should only be made following a rigorous and transparent process of independent expert review of applications, free from any political interference on the awarding of research funds. Support NHMRC SUPPORT THE OFFICE OF THE NHMRC To maintain the rigorous grant assessment processes for which the NHMRC is renowned, the budget of the office of the NHMRC should be increased and adequate resourcing provided as needed.

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The Australian Society for Medical Research supports the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution and the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament.

 For over 60 years, the Australian Society for Medical Research has advocated for the health and medical research sector with a vision of a healthy and equitable Australia. There is no doubt that there remains a significant gap in health outcomes between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. We believe that establishing a Voice to Parliament is an integral step in closing this gap.



The Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) is the peak professional society representing Australian health and medical research.

In addition to direct members, ASMR represents an additional 20,000 medical researchers, involved in health and medical research through seventy-five (75) affiliated professional societies, institutes and Medical Colleges. Corporate and disease related foundation memberships bring a further 100,000 Australians with an interest in health and medical research into the ASMR network.

The Society has a long established role in scientific, political and public advocacy.

ASMR’s vision is for a healthy and equitable Australia. Equity has been at ASMR’s core since our foundation. ASMR will continue to foster a culture of inclusivity within the ASMR by supporting researchers from different backgrounds and abilities including those from diverse gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and those who need support for other reasons. The ASMR values diversity in its leaders, members, staff and partnerships. The ASMR supports and promotes participation from under-represented groups in Society committees and activities.

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