ASMR Medical Research Week® June 1 – June 9 2017

The week is a flagship activity for The Australian Society for Medical Research, and a major highlight of the Australian health and medical research calendar, bringing the message of the benefits of health and medical research to the Australian public.

This annual event occurs in the first full week in June and features the ASMR medalist tour, public outreach events (including cinema events, meet a scientist dinners and community lectures), career events for high school and tertiary students, schools visits, an on-line schools quiz, scientific meetings and professional development programmes for medical researchers held across the country, with the range of events continuing to grow every year.

Each year the Society awards the ASMR Medal to an eminent stakeholder in the international medical research community for achievements in raising awareness. The ASMR medalists tour Australia, addressing audiences at dinners across the country and the National Press Club in Canberra.  The ASMR Medal is presented at the National Press Club event.

The tour promotes debate and discussion amongst scientists, politicians and the public, and attracts strong media interest.

Since 1998, an list of eminent scientists have generously shared their science, their vision and  their insights, inspiring, sometimes challenging and always informing, not only the health and medical research community but the community at large.


ASMR Medalist 2017

Professor Richard Wilkinson, Scientist, Author and Advocate

Richard has played a formative role in international research on the social determinants of health and on the societal effects of income inequality.

He studied economic history at LSE before training in epidemiology.

He is Emeritus Professor of Public Health at the University of Nottingham, Honorary Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London, Visiting Professor at the University of York and co-founder of the EqualityTrust.

Throughout a distinguished career examining the social determinants of health, Professor Wilkinson’s research has uncovered that economic inequality is the key driver for numerous health (and social) problems in developed countries such as Australia.

The identification of this strong causal relationship has commanded a re-think of policy development, with a renewed focus on addressing the underlying problem rather than treating specific health and social problems as unrelated phenomena.

His books and papers have drawn attention to the tendency for societies with bigger income differences between rich and poor to have a higher prevalence of a wide range of health and social problems. Prof. Wilkinson is the author, with Kate Pickett, of “The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better”.  This best seller is now available in 24 languages and won the 2011 UK Political Studies Association Publication of the Year Award. A documentary film inspired by it, The Divide, was released in April 2016.

Following on from The Spirit Level, Richard became a co-founder of the Equality Trust (with support from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust).

He has given many hundreds of conference addresses and media interviews round the world, including at WHO, the EU, OECD and the World Bank

Professor Wilkinson will be speaking in all state capitals at at the National Press Club of Australia