ASMR Medical Research Week® Online Schools Quiz 2018

Twenty question, multiple choice Quiz for Year 7-12 Students

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ASMR Medical Research Week® Student Presentations

May 31

ASMR Medical Research Week® is organised each year by the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) to foster excellence in health and medical research and promote community understanding and support for medical research. In alignment with these goals, the Tasmanian Postgraduate Student Research Awards aims to recognise outstanding contributions to medical research by Postgraduate students, and provide an opportunity for them to share their research with the medical research community. The award recognises scientific excellence and achievement, as well as the ability of the candidate to communicate his/her research at a level understandable to the wider scientific community, and the potential value of the research to health and medicine. ​

 For further information about the awards and how to apply, please contact Dr Phillippa Taberlay  or Dr Brad Sutherland

ASMR Medical Research Week ® Gala Dinner

May 31

Hadley’s Orient Hotel
34 Murray Street, Hobart

Featuring our Keynote Speaker,  ASMR Medalist 2018 Professor Hope Jahren

Professor Jahren is a geobiologist whose research is crossing interdisciplinary boundaries, using her knowledge and expertise in stable isotope chemistry to develop new tools to better understand dietary sugar intake and sugar metabolism.

Recognised by Popular Science magazine in 2006 as one of its “Brilliant 10” scientists and in 2016, Time Magazine named her as one of the world’s “ 100 Most Influential People”, Prof Jahren has also been awarded three Fulbright Scholarships, and currently holds the J. Tuzo Wilson professorship at the University of Oslo in Norway.

A passionate advocate for science and best selling author  of the critically acclaimed ‘Lab Girl’,  Prof Jahren’s story of the triumphs and challenges of a career in science will resonate with many.

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