Professional Development Sessions

A central component of the ASMR National Scientific Conference in 2019 is focused on Professional Development.
These programs will equip early and mid-career medical researchers with vital skills
to increase their competitiveness and capacity in the sector


Inside the Scientist’s Studio

A mix of probing questions and friendly persuasion brings an up close and personal understanding of a leading scientist, their life and their research journey.

Previously interviewed –

  • Professor Peter Doherty
  • Professor Josef Penninger

Student Mentoring Breakfast

7:30am, 21st November, WA Maritime Museum

Students have the opportunity to sit down over breakfast with leaders in the health and medical research sector. Participants can ask mentors any questions they have about career options and share concerns. The mentors will provide their personal experience on how mentoring has helped their own careers and the importance of picking a good mentor. They will increase awareness of the political landscape facing researchers and give participants confidence to engage in the conversation with health and medical research leaders.




Additional PD Session – details to be confirmed