Tips and Advice

Communicate the outcomes of your research/disease to your Federal Member.

The Message – need some help?

Have a look at the examples below:

Visiting your MP?

Meeting with politicians, key bureaucrats and policy makers is an important way of achieving ASMR goals

The dialogue is not just about dollars.  It is also about educating and informing our political leaders so they become motivated champions for the sector.

Have your messages clear

  • Know what you want and what your politician can do for you
  • Emphasise the value of H&MR to the community (wealth creation, jobs, economic opportunity and better health)

Be well prepared

  • Background your politician (internet)
  • Breadth of electorate (e.g. blue collar, marginal seat, rural)
  • Know the track record of the party in the H&MR space

Provide background briefing material

  • Fact sheet, case studies

Use examples of your own research

  • Use PLAIN English examples of health outcomes from YOUR OWN research


  • Provide your business card
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be factual
  • Appreciate demands on politicians time (most can spare 15-20 minutes)
  • Follow up the meeting, keep the contact alive
  • Use a bi-partisan approach


  • Use jargon
  • Raise problems without solutions
  • Ask too much
  • Mis-state facts


  • Today’s opposition is tomorrow’s government
  • Today’s backbencher is tomorrow’s cabinet minister